The Occasional Comic was inspired by the Greek theatre masks of comedy and tragedy.  Therefore,  if it’s true that life is both a comedy and a tragedy lets see if Shinkle can get you to donate some of your hard earned cash to someone or something else.

Now of course he could try to start some sort of charity with employees  or try to sell you some stupid thing but all of that costs money.   Instead he thought he would try to inspire you to just donate your hard earned cash to someone or something else rather than him.

James has added links to some organizations He has given to in the past.  Now keep in mind James is not tied to any of these organizations but he thinks you might like what they do.  So he is providing the links to donate for easy access.

All the links will help someone else so even if you donate a little remember every thing helps and that’s a good thing.

Williams Syndrome:

Williams Syndrome

The Hole in the Wall Gang:

Hole in the Wall Gang

The Old Town School of Folk:

Old Town School of Folk

The KMRC (a resource center for actors)

KMRC Chicago


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