The Occasional Comic

The occasional comic means I don’t have to do this shit all the time but If you would like to hire the Occasional comic for a stand-up  or improv set please contact me at

James Shinkle
tel: 312-237-0375

Don’t worry I know what I’m doing, I was trained by professionals.  Yes and my training includes the Second City conservatory, IO and Annoyance theatre.  I also studied mandolin at the Old town school of Folk music where I learned how to pick the americana blues.

So did you know I once opened for Danial Tosh, yes I was the EMCEE and he locked me on stage.   I also toured as a comic in Montana, Idaho and South Dakota. I’ve been working on new material but didn’t want to rush into anything.

Look the truth is I Procrastinate a lot..,

So maybe the occasional comic is a tragedy..?

oh don’t be silly, maybe it just means I wanted a title under my name

Don’t over think it.

Book The occasional comic  for a gig and I’ll entertain the crowd.  “Prices vary and must include travel and per diem”.


Professional Actor