About Shinkle

James Shinkle is a character actor currently based in Chicago, IL.    He got his start dabbling in stand up and then met a writer who got him into theatre.

He was recently in the Movie “White Boy Rick” and an Episode of Chicago Fire season 7 “Going to War”

His training includes The Second City Conservatory, The Victory Gardens Training Center, IO and the Annoyance theatre.  Some of his on-camera training includes classes with former casting director Jane Alderman, who understood how to play subtle comedy as well as high stakes drama.

James was born in Los Angeles, Ca and then raised in Hubbard Woods, IL .   He loves the outdoors and graduated with an  Environmental Studies Degree From the University of Kansas.

Prior to a life in the arts he owned a house in Montana,  sold environmental monitoring systems and once got to work on a research study of the Yellow Bellied Marmot in Capital Reef National Park.

During his free time James enjoys the playing mandolin, spending time in nature and training his dog Jack.

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